Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The North Shore

At the cabin again. I have been here for a week now painting, thinking and walking around. I have accomplished many things that weren’t on my to-do list but after I did them I put them on it and checked them off since they were so worthwhile. I have discovered a local bar, a cool neighbor to hang out with and today I was fortunate to see a few sled dog teams crossing the Sawbill Trail during the Beargrease Sled Dog race. I have also dialed in where to pick up free internet and take a sauna and shower. Really, it’s absolutely lovely here here. I visit the Lake every day, show it my new tattoo.

I have learned some interesting things since arriving here. The Sawbill Trail is a road nearby that heads due north. People calibrate their compasses by it. There is a dairy on Gunflint Trail that sells dairy products fresh from the udder. Schroeder used to have a whorehouse in the logging days to keep the loggers from going to Duluth to spend all their money. There more is more local trivia, but I’ll leave you with those gems for now. Here are a few photos of the days here on the mystic North Shore.

Waiting for the dog sled team

They arrive!

Bonfire for Beargrease volunteers and spectators

The Temperance River at dusk

Beargrease Volunteer HQ

Tower at the dairy (is this too mundane to post?)

Milkers, I assume

Lumber Mill on the Gunflint Trail

Glorious Lake, looks different every day

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beneath the Sea

The past month has been filled to the brim with movement and difficult choices. I am in Colorado, a best man for my friend and hero Jono, who will be wed this afternoon. The days in the Rockies are clear and bright. I spent yesterday snowboarding on the mountain and reuniting my wrists with the ground and my legs with pain. It was phenominal.

Prior to this I spent an eventful week at my family cabin on Lake Superior. New Year's Eve was wild and reflective and I, along with a few brave friends, jumped into the frigid water at the stroke of midnight while Nathan and April shot off fireworks and toasted things to come.

Inside the cabin kitchen

After a week here, I plan to head back to the Twin Cities, spend some time with my family and friends and then head north to Lake Superior again, with my painting supplies in tow.

Cabin deck

Temperance River

Temperance River New Year's Day snowshoe

View from the cabin porch

Inside the cabin

April and I at Baraga's Cross

April, Hasty and Ruby on the beach