Monday, December 22, 2008

Still Going

The back yard of Kim and Adam's home, where I stayed this past week. Drinking their beer and learning how to cross-country ski again.

It's true, I'm not in South America anymore. But I am still living, so I have decided to keep my blog rolling. Perhaps it won't be filled to the brim with photos of far flung locations. Floating islands and curiosity's crooked finger. But perhaps it will. Indeed, there are billions of captivating places in the US. And of course there are also plenty of things to take photos of and write about. So this blog will change, as it did during my move to the South American road from Antarctica. It's been a slow trek north.

I am currently in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, staying at the home of my dear friends, Matti and Sarah. After more than a week in Ithaca, collecting my personal affects, spending time with friends and saying goodbyes to a former life, it feels good to be somewhere new in my homeland. I am comfortable here, and though I have never been to Cape Cod before, I know how everything works. I can speak comfortably with the gas station clerk and find my favorite coffee. I can drive and know a number of places to sleep. I walked my hosts' dog today, winding through the streets along the lakeshore, waving to neighbors. They think I live here.

Taughannock Falls in Ithaca, NY my home of 3 years

My truck is laden with everything I own and ready for the voyage.

Our first challenge en route to Cape Cod, MA.

The "pond" across the street from my friend's house.

I plan to stay here through Christmas and then drive west to MN before the New Year. For now it is holiday fashion with good friends.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flying Tomorrow

After a year away, I set off to the US tomorrow. Two solid days of flights will land me in Ithaca, NY, where I will pick up my truck with all of my belongings stuffed into the back and head into the future. For now, however, it is time for great pondering. This trip has been like a dream to me. After Antarctica, a divorce, and a plethora of life decisions, traveling has been a cleansing, perspective inducing experience that has changed and rejuvenated me. I head back into the world, ready and willing. Looking forward.

The last few weeks have been spent primarily on the move. I have traveled from Machu Picchu, westward to the Peruvian coast. South by bus to the floating Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca, made of reeds. And along the Pacific Coast to Chile, the northern beachtowns of Arica and Iquique and finally on to Santiago, where I have spent these last few days, touring the Concha y Toro winery (Casillero del Diablo) and generally enjoying these final travel days with my lovely traveling companion Carla. Awaiting my flight tomorrow morning.

Tying up our boat on the Uros Islands

Luis, my sullen tour guide, at Pacha Papa

Children at my homestay on Isla AmantanĂ­

Isla Taquile

Women walking

Arica, Chilean beach town

Hill in Arica, desert dunes run into the ocean


Iquique, Chile

Concha y Toro winery

Casillero del Diablo, they say it´s haunted

Goodbye summer sun. Hasta Luego South America.